Seeing a 1000lb Leatherback turtle come ashore to lay her eggs may be one of Tobago's most spiritual experiences. In fact, it's an experience quite exclusive to Tobago. Our beaches are among a handful of places on earth to see Leatherback Turtles nest.

Our friends at Save our Sea Turltes (S.O.S Tobago) have been custodians of the island's nesting beaches since 2000. Their ongoing dedication to conservation & education provides the opportunity to see mother Leatherbacks, Green Turtles and Hawksbills - and later, their hatchlings - up close and personal.  S.O.S. staff and trained volunteers provide a lot of educational information as well; you're bound to come away knowing more than you did before.

The nesting season runs from March-September. At your request, we make arrangements to be alerted and get you to the beach with an experienced guide when there's turtle activity.