Imagine a stretch of beach so solitary, the calm is overwhelming. The occasional pelican swoops and plunges cerulean waters for her next meal. Sun and water kiss the sand into a mosaic of sparkles, treating the eyes to an unexpected indulgence, an oasis of flourish and luxury bosomed in nature.  But thankfully this Mirage is real.

Villa Mirage marries luxury and practicality with wicker and wood accents warming things up, making its many living areas feel like home.  The pool is conveniently central in terms of any one of its many cosy corners for parents to relax but still be handy to supervise younger swimmers.  The two-tiered terrace is so wide and long, it's a perfect cinema for the daily watching of seaside dramas going on.  There's a recreation room with a mini-gym and pool table, with stand-up bar for man-cave activities any time of the day or night.

Seven spacious bedrooms all come with their own private and separately stunning baths. All five bedrooms in the upper villa let out onto balconies with breath-taking views of the Caribbean Sea.  There are two bedrooms in the basement, one of which is its own fully self-catering apartment with a full second kitchen and separate entrance ideal for any kind of event going on.  Close to the pool with its own built-in entertainment, the basement is also an especially cool place for the younger generation to escape to. 

Villa Mirage is super versatile and simply perfect for bigger groups or even smaller ones with varying space and privacy requirements.  But, please do note, this is no boutique hotel!  Guests can be assured that they will be guaranteed exclusive access to the entire property, even if they do decide to take advantage of one of our lesser offers to rent only the top floor suites, let's say, forgoing access to the other four bedrooms.  Or renting only five bedrooms is another convenient option.  Except for Christmas and New Year's, the opportunity is always there to impress at Mirage, without having to rent all seven bedrooms.