Let us put together an awesome tour package for you. There's plenty to do on the island so we take a collaborative approach to creating our signature "Tobago time, for real" experience.

Our in-house tour guides offer a variety of outdoor excursions including Round the Island tours, trips to the local Tobago Market, Honey Moon tours to the romantic Pink Sand Beach in Charlotteville and more. In the mood to party? There's Sunday School, an all night outdoor jam in Buccoo. The affair starts with steel pan, dining and couples dancing and eventually evolves into a raucus DJ fuelled dance party by the seaside.  

Or we can bring the best produce that Tobago has to offer home to you, with local meals catered in or prepared in the comfort of your own holiday home, for you to get the full aroma and feel free to sample and ask all the questions you like.

Also, we are part of a network of vacation services providers and tour operators focused on providing the very best of the Tobago experience. These relationships allow us to tailor-make activities packages at your request. Whether your thing is nature exploration, extreme sports or "liming" Trinbago style, we've got you covered. Have a look at some of our friends' offerings; this will give you an idea of what can be put together for you.

Tobago Mountain Bike Tours

Explore Tobago on two wheels, to the Top of de World and back, always another secret and particularly scenic spot later! Eamon and his team will guide you through the villages and back-trails of Tobago. Along the way, you'll experience our island's beautiful people and nature served up in the most intimate of ways.  

Salty Tours

Looking for a cosy and very affordable boat trip to any one of Tobago's many secluded bays up the Caribbean coast, let the Captain of Mar y Sol take you there!  While fishing is not his forte, when it comes to snorkeling, surfing, diving, wakeboarding, and pretty much any extreme water sport you can think of, Nigel Goodman is your man.  His experience and long-standing love affair with the water will help you grow sea legs, put you at ease.   

RADical Sports

Push your limits. Tobago is a perfect playground for some of the most enjoyable extreme sports. The guys at RADical Sports offer wind surfing, kite surfing, wake boarding and kayaking and more for beginners and experts alike. 


Grand Slam Charters

Let Kester and his crew show you the best in Tobago fishing. With two boats, all the requisite fishing equipment and wealth of experience, Grand Slam Tobago is ready to provide an authentic, Tobago fishing lime.          

Healing with Horses

Here's one of Tobago's most unique experiences. Healing with Horses is a non-profit organization that marries its founders' love for horses with their desire to do good on the island. Enjoy Tobago on horseback while helping improve the local community. Win/win is where it's at.  

Roots & Culture Tours

Go "limin" with our tour guides for a true taste of Tobago. We offer Round the Island tours, trips to the local Tobago Market, Honey Moon tours to the very Pink Sand Beach in Charlotteville, nights out on the town and more.